UPM RaumaCell Sales and Services

We serve customers globally from the UPM RaumaCell mill. In addition to direct sales, we use experienced sales organisations on certain markets. Our helpful and experienced customer service team takes care of the order process, fast and reliable delivery schedules and correct documentation.

If you have any requests or questions about our products, deliveries or services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

​The UPM RaumaCell sales and customer service team

Olli-Pekka Peltola 
Director, UPM RaumaCell
Tel. +358 2041 50725
Anna Vastiala Anna Vastiala
Manager, Marketing
Tel. +358 2041 43519
Kirsi Suutarinen Kirsi Suutarinen
Manager, Marketing
Tel. +358 2041 43504
Gustaf Westberg
Merja Valtanen Merja Valtanen
Laboratory Services
Tel. +358 2041 43572
Marita Heikkilä Marita Heikkilä
Specialist, Export
Tel. +358 2041 43507
Reija Lehtonen
Specialist, Export
Tel. +358 2041 43508
Tarja Viitanen Tarja Viitanen
Specialist, Export
Tel. +358 2041 43181
Riitta Jokela
Tel. +358 2041 43516

UPM RaumaCell Production

Tapio Lummikko   Tapio Lummikko
Manager, Production
Tel. +358 2041 43480

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