Hanh’s summer at UPM: productive, creative and professional

Hanh is originally from Vietnam, but she had already spent time in Finland studying supply chain management and social responsibility at Hanken School of Economics before starting the summer work at UPM.

Hanh tells that the tasks in Pulp business’ Supply Chain and Tools & Processes team have been very various and extensive, but she has liked them a lot. “At first, I was involved more with SAP data related tasks where I performed data validation and migration to SAP, and some other data processing.” After that she was given tasks to develop and explore different tools, such as Power Apps. “Those applications might be revolutionary in the future”, she says. She got to prepare and organize a workshop as well, that required a lot of preparation and working with her manager of tools and processes.

Hanh frames the summer at UPM with three adjectives: productive, creative and professional. “Everyone is very professional, and you have to act accordingly, starting with the way to deliver the tasks and so on. I had to be productive in order to complete the tasks that I was assigned to, but I was still given freedom to let my creativity grow. Professional in a sense that you are very relaxed, but every task or people manners of working is very professional, going straight to the point. Everyone knows what they’re doing.”

Hanh thinks that the experience at UPM has helped her a lot professionally. She likes the non-hierarchical educational system in Finland, and she has noticed that the business life is the same. “Everything is more laid back and there is also freedom for creativity. That’s the trust culture.”


Text and image: Anni Kilponen


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