Environmental options


UPM RaumaCell’s fluff pulps are manufactured from sustainable raw materials in an
environmentally conscious process. All our fluff pulp grades meet the safety regulations for
the hygiene and food industries. Our environmental service is ready to provide you with
guidance, certification and specification as well as environmental and safety information on
our products.

  • Guidance for FSC® Mix Credit and PEFCTM certified fluff pulp usage
  • Ecolabelling of fluff pulp (Nordic Ecolabels and EU Ecolabels)
  • Carbon Footprint and product lifecycle information
  • Environmental analysis of our fluff pulp grades as raw material
  • Health and safety certificates
  • Customer-specific questionnaires on environmental, health and
    safety matters

If you have any questions, contact our customer service.


ISO certified quality, environmental and safety management

Setting high environmental standards is part of our everyday life: in production and at each mill site, as well as along the entire value chain, from wood material to final product.

We also use the UPM Restricted Chemical Substances List (UPM RCSL) to ensure and prove that our products do not contain any hazardous chemicals or heavy metals that are harmful to health.


Fluff pulp quality management systems

ISO 9001 certified

The environmental management systems

ISO 14001 certified

Food safety management

ISO 22000 certified

Occupational health and safety management

OHSAS 18001 certified

UPM RaumaCell’s goal is to achieve the cleanest, most economically and ecologically efficient production by applying best practices and best available techniques.