UPM BioBright


UPM BioBright is ideal for disposable hygienic products and the safest choice for food and medical applications.


Why should you go for UPM BioBright?


Improve your process

  • Easy defibration
  • Lower energy costs
  • Even web

Improve your product

  • Good pad integrity through high network strength
  • Excellent surface dryness
  • Low wet back, excellent dry feel

You will get

  • Constant quality
  • Good formation
  • Numerous customisation opportunities

Certified production

  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 certifications
  • ISO 22000 food safety certification
  • SVHC, RoHS certifications

Environmental certification

  • Chain of Custody Certificate FSC® or PEFC™
  • Fulfils Nordic Ecolabel (SWAN) criteria for disposable hygienic
  • Fulfils EU Ecolabel criteria

Your choices for pulp bleaching

  • TCF - totally chlorine free bleaching
  • ECF - elemental chlorine free bleaching

Controlled wood from certified forests


UPM BioBright grades – select the best one for your process

We manufacture UPM BioBright grades from Nordic softwood pulp with high fibre content.
Select the fluff pulp based on the bleaching method and shredding energy level best suited
to your product and process. You can also choose the Chain of Custody wood origin
certificate according to your product labelling needs.


UPM BioBright

  • ECF bleached (Elemental chlorine free bleaching of wood pulp)

UPM BioBright TCF

  • TCF bleached (Totally chlorine free bleaching of wood pulp)

UPM BioBright as FSC Certified

  • FSC Mix Credit Chain of Custody
  • Wood pulp bleaching: ECF or TCF

UPM BioBright PEFC

  • PEFC C-of-C fibre, FSC Controlled fibre
  • Wood pulp bleaching: ECF or TCF

Tailor-made for you

Totally chlorine free fluff pulp

We offer TCF fluff pulps as alternatives to those producers and consumers who prefer products manufactured without any chlorine, chlorine dioxide nor any other chlorine chemical compounds.

Origin of wood

Our fluff pulp’s raw material, wood pulp, is made from trees sourced from sustainably managed forests. The wood is always controlled and from non-controversial sources.Our tracing system and Chain of Custody cover the requirements of both FSC® and PEFC™ forest schemes.

Shredding energy alternatives

Choose optimal shredding energy and treatment level to best result and runnability. Compared to untreated, the treated grades offer lower shredding energy and are more suitable for weaker shredders and pin mills.