UPM BioBright fluff pulp’s main raw material is wood, a natural and renewable fibre from
sustainably managed forests. We supply fluff pulp that is certified throughout the whole
chain: from the selection of raw materials through the production process to fluff pulp


We make it easy for you to make ecological products with UPM BioBright

Safe material
for products requiring good absorption properties
Naturally sustainable
and fully compostable
Manufacture biodegradable products
with our fluff pulp

Certified safety and sustainability

Certified management systems help to manage and improve our performance. UPM
RaumaCell’s operations are covered by environmental, quality and occupational health
and safety systems which are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


Our fluff pulps fulfil both European Ecolabel (EU Flower) and Nordic Ecolabel criteria.

We provide product-specific information on the environmental performance of each product on request. Third-party verified (Inspecta) information covers the environmental impact of pulp and fluff pulp production. Product-specific calculations of the carbon footprint are also available.


Certificate Finder

Find UPM's Environmental and Social Responsibility certificates and position statements.

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Every choice can make a difference

Ecodesign is integrated into our product. This approach ensures that we minimise the
environmental impact of our raw materials, manufacturing and delivery processes.


Choose your pulp based on which bleaching method suits you best

UPM RaumaCell is the only supplier in the world to offer three different fluff pulp grades based on the method in which our raw material, wood pulp, is bleached. Most commonly we produce pulp that is bleached without elemental chlorine (ECF). In addition, we offer fluff pulp bleached totally without chlorine (TCF). The third option is fluff pulp converted from unbleached wood pulp.


Totally chlorine free fluff pulp

The UPM BioBright TCF and UPM BioBright Airlaid TCF fluff pulps are
alternatives for those producers and consumers who prefer products
manufactured without any chlorine, chlorine dioxide nor any other
chlorine chemical compounds.

  • No AOX (that defines the amount of organic chlorine compounds)
    spreading in water nor in any other part of the environment.
  • Significantly lower residual OX is beneficial in the hygienic end use
    areas e.g. products in direct skin contact, food packaging and products
    in food contact, such as cooking and filter papers.
  • Provides the same excellent runnability and absorption qualities as
    our other fluff grades.

Unbleached fluff pulp

Our production line also has the option and experience to produce
unbleached fluff pulp. UPM BioBrown is our naturally brown fluff pulp

  • The wood pulp we convert to UPM BioBrown fluff has not been
    bleached and therefore contains absolutely no bleaching chemicals.
  • Provides the same excellent runnability as our other fluff pulp.
  • Please note - UPM BioBrown is a made to order product.

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Management systems

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