We are able to supply you with continuously stable quality and a large variety of tailormade fluff pulp grades for various end uses. Our sustainably produced fluff pulp is a perfect choice for products that require good distribution and absorption performance together with outstanding safety and hygiene.


Why choose UPM fluff pulps?

You can achieve:

  • Good formation
  • Even web
  • High network strength
  • Low wet back
  • Improved runnability with the right moisture content
  • Lower energy usage with the right shredding energy levels

UPM RaumaCell’s fluff pulp

  • fulfils Nordic Ecolabel (SWAN) criteria for disposable hygienic
  • satisfies EU Ecolabel criteria
  • produced using REACH-compliant process chemicals
  • FSC® or PEFC™ Chain of Custody certified
  • available totally chlorine free for every end use
  • ISO 22000 food safety certified

High quality fluff pulp for the most demanding applications


Masters of fluff pulp since 1967

Ever since 1967, we have converted and developed high quality sulphate fluff pulps and worked closely with customers to optimise quality. We want to be the strong partner in manufacturing biodegradable and safe products.


Long experience meets demanding end use

Through our unique process of twice dried fibres, long experience and way of working we are able to offer you the best, consistent quality fluff for demanding end uses. We tailor fluff pulps for your products: from selecting raw materials to fine-tuning our production process and timely deliveries.

Driven by innovation – responsibly

Customer needs drive our innovation thinking. Responsibility is at the heart of our operations - from certified wood sourcing, production and deliveries to eco-labelled end-products.

We are part of the UPM Biofore Company

RaumaCell is part of UPM – a leader in the new Biofore industry. ‘Bio’ stands for our focus on the future, sustainable products, and exceptional environmental stewardship. ‘Fore’ stands for forest and the company’s position at the forefront of forest products development.