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Tommi found the field he wants to specialize in

Tommi studies cyber security, and he spent the summer in the IT department. Tommi says that during the summer he has had the chance to see how the cyber security and privacy are built and improved in a big company.

He tells that the summer was split into two parts according to the tasks he was given for the summer. “I worked half of the time on tasks in privacy and the other half with cyber security related tasks”, he says. Within privacy, he worked with a great variety of tasks, developing and maintaining privacy records, instructing colleagues on privacy-related questions and conducted privacy risk assessments related to the applications that are in use at UPM.

”I reviewed how personal data is processed by those applications and assessed the risks related to the applications. Within cybersecurity, I investigated cloud service monitoring solutions and created playbooks for cyber incident handling for the specific service support. The cyber security sector is very wide and nowadays more and more important. I have a lot to learn about it as technology goes on all the time. The importance of GDPR and privacy comes more and more important since the information flow grows continuously.”

Tommi tells that even though the tasks have been very individual during the summer, he has always had a chance to talk with his team members and others. “This is all very international, and there is no need to do everything by yourself. You can always ask from other UPMers and work with them, too.”

The summer at UPM is the first work experience from the field for Tommi. “This experience has given me strength, and I have found a lot of interesting things and topics within the field of cyber security. That’s the field I want to specialize in the future.”


Text and image: Anni Kilponen


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