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UPM Graduate Programme – join us in creating a future beyond fossils

UPM Graduate Programme helps us find the brightest new talent and gives them the support to reach their full potential. With our new graduates, we continue to build a future beyond fossils. Read about the insights of our recent UPM graduates Stuart and Laura and apply!

UPM Graduate Programme 2023 welcomes recent graduates from different fields of study to kickstart their career. Stuart Dickson is a Process Engineer Graduate at our UPM Caledonian Paper mill in Irving, Scotland and Laura Oja is a Graduate in our Sourcing team at our Head Office in Helsinki, Finland. Both Stuart and Laura joined UPM Graduate Programme in September 2022.

What made you apply to the Graduate programme?

“The graduate programme was spoken of highly by a colleague who is a former UPM Graduate. I applied because it is a great way to get an overview of how a production facility works, with the opportunity to work in all different areas of the mill.” says Stuart.

For Laura, the Graduate Programme offered a way to gain great and versatile work experience within a short amount of time both in Finland and abroad.

“I have always been interested in many kinds of career opportunities. Therefore, this programme has also been a valuable enabler in exploring my interests in different roles and thereby planning my dream career path.”


What has been the best part of the programme?

“I have already noticed a markable positive change in my work self-esteem because of succeeding well in different, challenging assignments. I have been given enough responsibility and freedom to manage my own work-life balance, which has been very motivating factor for me. I feel that this programme gives me great skills for the future.” Laura states.

For Stuart, meeting people from all UPMs business areas, getting good insight into how a global company like UPM works, and developing multi-disciplinary team working skills are on the top of the list.

“Learning from top level managers and directors in the company, through presentations and Q&A, is exceptional and valuable. As a graduate there is less pressure, and the role allows for more learning on the job. “

Both Stuart and Laura also bring up getting to know the other Graduates as one of the best parts of the programme.

“It has been great to speak with other graduates from different business areas to get an idea of where my career could take me in the future. You get a network of graduates who can relate to your situation and get good advice from.” Stuart highlights.

“During the programme, I have also met like-minded and energetic people with who we have joined some afterwork events, which has been super fun!” Laura adds.


When asked about what they would say about UPM as a company for those who do not yet know us, both highlight our visionary purpose: creating a future beyond fossils.

“UPM is a global forest industry company which continuously aims towards sustainable solutions in all its business areas. As a workplace, it offers different kind of opportunities in numerous locations with great colleagues. If you consider UPM as your future workplace, I highly recommend.” Laura says.

“UPM is a recognised leader in managing forests in a sustainable way and producing renewable value-added products. UPM is a company not afraid to invest in the future. We are building one of the first commercial bio-refineries in the world producing renewable chemicals from wood and UPM invests in renewable and efficient energy solutions.” Stuart adds.

Join us on the path towards a future beyond fossils!

The UPM Graduate Programme gives your career an exciting start with many opportunities for future development. In 2023, you will work in one of the 20 unique positions in China, Finland, Germany, UK, or USA. We have positions available in production engineering, maintenance, strategy, sales, supply chain and IT, to name some.  The programme will start in September, although you may join the company already earlier. During the programme, you will go through 3-4 assignments of which one is abroad. We hope that you continue your career with us after the programme. The UPM Graduate Programme is a paid internship.

The positions are all individual and require different backgrounds in studies and language skills. Good skills in English and a recent graduation are a prerequisite for all Graduates. Previous experience from an international environment is a plus, but not a must.


Are you our new Graduate?

Learn about the different positions and apply now!

Our goal is to find enthusiastic people with fresh knowledge and an open and positive attitude. Most importantly, we are on the lookout for candidates that can take the company values – Trust and Be Trusted, Achieving Together and Renew with Courage – to their heart.

Send us your application by the end of January 2023. We are already excited to meet you!

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