Story | 01/20/2023 14:19:56 | 1 min Read time

Tomasz, Senior Process Controller, Invoice to Pay Process and Solutions Improvement, UPM Business Hub Wrocław

My UPM journey started in March 2020 as a Process Controller in the Invoice to Pay Team. I find my job very interesting, and quite different from what I was doing most of my career.

It seems funny now, but back in 2019, when I was invited to a job interview at UPM, I wasn't so sure if changing jobs was a good idea (especially because I had a two-year-old son, who needed full attention). The job description looked very serious, but after a long talk with my wife I told myself it wouldn't hurt to try. The day I was supposed to meet with the recruiters, I almost cancelled the meeting. When I was about to dial the number, my wife called me asking when I'd be home, because my son was misbehaving, so I told her I'd be back in about two hours – I went for the job interview and got a positive reply a couple of days later! Heidi and Reija, thank you for the opportunity and…sorry if I talked too much! 😉

That was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I've worked here for almost three years and need to admit that there hasn't been a single moment of regret. I am really happy with my new job and responsibilities, I work with awesome people and know I can count on full support from my team and manager. I can't imagine myself anywhere else now!

One of my goals at UPM was to form… a football team. I used to play football at my previous companies, so I really wanted to continue the tradition here. And my plan worked out. Together with one of my colleague, we gathered a few players, promoting UPM as the 'happiest place in Wroclaw', and additionally having a great time after work. Of course, everybody is always welcome to join us on the pitch and to support the team – it's always better to play with fans cheering you on!