Story | 06/23/2021 10:32:59 | 2 min Read time

Summer at UPM Rauma: A summer trainee's perspective

This summer, about 70 summer trainees have arrived at the Rauma paper mill. Automation engineer Niko Rostedt and information and communication technology student Tomas Saarinen talk about their work experience at the paper mill.

Niko Rostedt, a 27-year-old automation engineer, will be working with automation maintenance of the Rauma paper mill for the first summer. Niko’s employment began as early as in April, and he has quickly familiarised himself with the job. “I’ve now been working mainly on PLC control system overhaul projects,” Rostedt says.

Renovations of the existing Siemens S5 PLC systems are currently planned at the Rauma mill. Rostedt's work has so far included a lot of project-related review work and material collection.

Rauma_kesätyö_Niko3.jpgAutomation engineer Niko Rostedt works as a summer trainee in automation maintenance tasks at the Rauma paper mill.

The work has gone very well so far and the work has been very independent. “I think my educational background and my work experience has largely contributed to the fact that it has been easy to get started with the job,” Rostedt says. Co-workers have also always been helpful when needed, and the mill itself feels like home to Rostedt. “I definitely enjoy the mill as a working place, it's very familiar also because of my previous summer jobs - I have previously worked at a copper factory for 7 summers” says Rostedt.

Tomas Saarinen, 22, will be working at the Rauma paper mill for the third summer. In his first summer with UPM, Saarinen worked on the paper machine 4 winder, and the last two summers on the rereeler. “I have enjoyed the summer internships very much,” Saarinen says. The work itself, and especially the shift work, feels pleasant.

Rauma_kesätyö_Tomas2.jpgDuring his summer internship, Tomas Saarinen works on a paper machine's rereeler.

Saarinen is studying information and communication technology at a University of Applied Sciences. Working at the paper mill has been his first experience of working life, and through the job, Saarinen has learned a lot of new things both about working life and about paper production. "I can now use many different machines, and I've learned how to use the different systems," says Saarinen.

In the autumn, studies will continue and future summer plans are currently open. "I will be happy to continue working at the paper mill in the future," says Saarinen.


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