Story | 05/15/2020 08:13:28 | 1 min Read time

Gamification brings Code of Conduct to life

The UPM Code of Conduct is a compass for us, guiding our behaviour and actions and helping us to make the right decisions at work. When we started planning e-learning for employees based on the Code of Conduct that was revised last spring, the starting point for the planning was to design a game. The target was to make the e-learning more relevant and engaging.

In the e-learning training, our employees are given real-life situations that could happen to anyone and asked what they would do in a similar situation. The story spans one day, from the breakfast table to returning home from work, and the e-learner is one of its characters.

If your colleague’s posts on social media share too much information, what do you do? If your colleague is harassing your teammate, do you confront him? If your colleague suggests her partner for a job at UPM, how do you react? The characters involved in the scenarios gain or lose points based on the answers given.

The e-learners are given multiple answers to choose from in each situation and, by design, the answers aren’t clear-cut — there can be more than one right answer. This way, the e-learning training imitates real life: you do not always immediately know the right choice but have to consider the situation from different angles.

The gamification of the e-learning has proven successful. According to feedback, the Code of Conduct is more meaningful. E-learning is a game, but the message comes through clearly.

Making the content and spirit of the Code of Conduct more relatable to us and helping us see how it can guide us in our everyday work builds a culture of integrity in everything we do and every choice we make.

All employees were required to take the mandatory Code of Conduct e-learning. The e-learning tool was launched in September in 19 languages and by the end of the year, 96% of UPMers had conducted the training.


Text: UPM